Red Wing had been producing ceramics for many years when they decided to start making dinnerware in 1935.  The introduction of refrigeration some years before was eating into stoneware sales;  they needed an alternative to boost sales and dinnerware fit the bill.

Initially, patterns were bright solid colors;  later patterns were hand painted and some of the last patterns used stencils.  As the years went by, Indivdual patterns and pieces within a line were added and dropped.  A 1949 sales brochure dealing with the Concord line doesn't list the spoon rest, egg  platter, or relish dish, among other things.  Six years later those pieces were for sale.

For a time Red Wing Pottery made pieces for the Bauer Company while the latter was experiencing difficulties.  You may see some Bauer pieces that look remarkably like Red Wing due to the glaze.

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