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Several plates showing the different support rings used on the bottom.

Plate with "1943" hand writting on the bottom.

Test saucers from 1946.

Bob White test plate & cup.

Capistrano test plate.

Ceramastone blank.

Diamond pattern on a Concord line plate.

Nassau test plate.

Lotus pasttern test plates.

Green pattern on Condord plate.

Ameba pattern on Concord plate.


Diamond Jim plates.

CHA 1966 imprinted on Duo-tone cup.

Dynasty plate.

Dynasty blue pattern.

Ebb Tide on Ceramastone plate.

Flower & dart pattern.

Ardennes platter.

Ebb Tide on Ceramstone plate.

Plate testing the color band around the edge.

Party Ware pattern on Concord Chop plate.

370.4 imprinted on the back. Probably a glaze number.

Concord sugar bowl with a geometric pattern.

Daisy chain pattern.


Dynasty cup with unusual color glazes.

Flowers on plate with border band similar to plate listed above.


Plum Blossom

All pictures are from Barb & Steve Brown's collection.
All photos compliment of Ray Reiss.

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