This web site would not be possible without the gracious people who have opened up their collections for us to photograph and enjoy. To everyone a heartfelt thank you for your generosity.

01/15/17 The site is moving to new management so it can be updated and finished. Stay tuned for more fun!

05/27/12 Updated the site's biography page.

07/21/07 Updated the shopping links to take out broken ones and add a new one.

02/14/07 Corrected a typo a friend found.

11/16/06 Site moved to a new server. Corrected a link to a brochure that wasn't correct.

3/07/05 Added a dinnerware open stock list to the documentation list's miscellaneous page.

2/22/05 Updated the shopping page to take out a couple of antique stores that have closed.

2/13/05 Added Larry Roschen's handy dandy inventory spreadsheet to the references page.

2/06/05 Added some more price lists and an article on Charles Murphy.

12/12/05 Dropped in Bakeware (Oomph) brochure and price list.

12/05/05 Added test and lunch hour pieces.

11/24/05 Corrected the Buds description to include all the known Buds pieces.

11/22/05 Added a supper set brochure to the Concord line.

10/31/05 Rewrote the references page to update the information and make it easier to read.

10/12/05 Rewrote the code on the test plates and lunch hour pieces to make the pages more visual pleasing.

9/20/05 Moved the web site to a new server. The three people that visit this web site may have seen an interruption in service while the changes perculated through the internet.

3/3/05 Added Duo-Tone brochures to the documentation section.

1/29/05 More price lists added. Also popped in Town & Country, Village Green, and Delta Blue. I'm sure I'm missing a few patterns here. In all over 80 new scans were added. That's all for now, folks!

1/28/05 Kermis and various price lists, display photos, and the like are in place.

1/22/05 Futura added.

1/18/05 The Casual, Concord, & Continental Buffet scans are in place.

1/17/05 Last year a gentleman was kind enough to let the Red Wing Museum copy a large stack of material he'd acquired from the estate of a salesman. The Museum in turn let me scan in the parts that pertain to dinnerware. Over the past several months I've got the scans tweaked for web format and now they're getting inserted into web pages.

The first of these photos have been posted in the Anniversary brochure section. Over the next couple of weeks I'll be processing the rest. There are far too many to list here, so check back periodically under your favorite pattern to see if there's anything new. The deadline for getting this all done is February 11 - just in time for the Mid Winter convention.

1/3/05 Updated the shopping and references pages.

10/1/04 Added in the rest of the bowls for the Fancy free line.

9/23/04 Updated the Desert butter dish.

9/22/04 Added the Lotus tumbler.

9/19/04 Added some odd items to the Village Green, Like China, Casual, and Provincial Cookware lines.

5/28/04 Fixed a bad link on the master index page.

2/18/04 Corrected entries that read "Blue Shadow." They now show correctly as "Blue Shadows."

1/3/04 Shoot, not much happening here. Anyone have any dishes they'd like photographed? Maybe it's time to head to Steve & Barb's place and take some pictures.

12/8/03 Fixed a bad link on the "how to sell your Red Wing" page.

10/27/03 Fixed a Quartette brochure.

8/9/03 Added a couple of items to the Chevron and Village Green lines.

8/8/03 Added quite a few pieces to the Fondoso line. Also put a couple of Fondoso vignettes on the main page.

7/25/03 The summer is marching on. Are you getting your share of fun? Got the rest of the test pieces back onto the site. There are too many of them, so they got put on a second page.

7/24/03 Added schmoos to the Town & Country line.

7/23/03 Popped in the Dynasty line and a Dynasty vignette.

7/22/03 Added a mold for the Casual butter warmer to the special items section. Added the Village Green waffle dish.

7/18/03 Put a little more material into the selling page.

7/16/03 Added three more vignettes (thanks Duane and Cyndie!) and a few links on the main page to make navigation easy for new viewers. Happy hunting!

7/15/03 Added a page with tips on how to sell your dishes.

6/20/03 Got the script to work on the master index so the supper sets have a rotating image. I'm going to declare that page done. Re-did the test plates page so it looks better.

6/16/03Added a fair number of items to the Village Green line.

6/12/03 Finished off the Ceramastone index.

6/10/03 Cleaned up the pattern identification page because it was bugging me. Added a few more links and completed it with a Hearthstone Beige picture. Still trying to get the script to work so the supper set pictures cycle though. Coolness takes work.

6/9/03 Revamped the specials page. You can find lunch hour, test plates, and the like there. I'm still getting links, captions, and plates in there, so a lot more work needs to be done.

5/19/03 Added a picture to the Buds page.

3/15/03 Added a few items to the Continental Buffet line.

2/23/03 Added the Supper Sets.

2/22/03 Added a document.  How to describe it?  A memo showing production part numbers?  Added in the Bakeware line.

2/16/03 Added a Desert Sun picture.

2/2/03 Added another vignette.

1/30/03 Dropped in Gypsy Trail brochure.

1/21/03 Added half a dozen new vignettes to the title page.

1/10/03 We got ourselves some restaurant ware posted!  Added quite a bit the the Town & Country line.  Inserted a True China advertising sign, a couple of photos to the Village Green line, and some Wreath items.

1/2/03 Added in a juicer, punch bowls, teapot, cookie jar and canisters to the Hostess Ware line.  Also a divided plate to Plain and Fondoso teacup, teapot, and batter pitcher.

1/1/03 Finished off the Fruit line.  Added in a Harvest tile.  Added some more pices to the Like China line.  Finshed off Kermis.  Add the relish tray to the True China line.  Party Ware got a few more pictures too.  Flight got its bread tray too.

12/31/02 The Flight pictures have been added to document the Duo-Tone (Cylinder) line.

12/26/02 I forgot to mention the Diamond Jim pictures are in place.

11/23/02 Added the Fancy Free beverage server.

11/19/02 Added a Lotus brochure.

11/9/02 Added an actual Bud plate to the documentation.

10/12/02 Provincial cookware is in place.  Added some more to the Buffet Royale pattern and Ceramastone line.

10/10/02 Added a lot of odds and ends here and there.  Some Village Green line, Fondoso, Ivanhoe, and Wreath.  I'm sure there are more, but the brain is too dead to think of them.  Also added a lot of vignettes to the main page and a few more photos to the master index.  Time for a beer.

10/6/02  (even later in the day)  Got some Delta Blue pictures in place so we can start documenting the Village Green line.

10/6/02  (later in the day)  Not a whole lot there, but Fondoso is in place.

10/6/02  Just dropped Chevron in place.

9/29/02  The Plain line is just about complete.  Caught up on the brochures I have on file.  Redid this page so it's a easier to read.  Redid the patterns index a little bit to put Reed and Plain under the Gypsy Trail line.  Added the Hostessware line

9/21/02  Just about wrapped up the Reed line.

9/7/02  Added in quite a few brochures, too numerous to mention here.  If you start at the top and work your way down I've made my way through the C's.

1/25/02  Added in a Buffet Royale brochure.

10/22/01  Added in a Buds/Lanterns/Fruit/Fantasy advertisement.

9/24/01  Added Crocus, Smart Set, and Flight brochures.

9/10/01 The pieces for the Like China line are in place.  Got a few Continental Buffet items posted.  And Labriego.  A rare marked piece, proof that that Wreath was made by Red Wing Potteries.  Check under the sugar page.  A few Buffet Royale items too.  And a couple of special pieces just for fun.  And a couple of more items added to the Master Index.  It's getting close to being complete!

9/4/01   A lovely Kermis beverage server.

7/17/01  Added a couple more books to the references page.

7/5/01  Added Provincial Bakeware brochure.

6/18/01  Added the Partyware line.

6/17/01  Added advertisements featuring Fantasy and Town & Country patterns.

6/4/01  Whew!  I've been hitting it hard for the last several weeks.  Let's see if I can remember all the updates.  The Master Index is almost done  --just a few more items to photograph and a couple more I'd like to retake.  The rest of these have had minot updates with a piece or two added here and there:  Anniversary, Casual, Ceramastone, Duo-tone, Dynasty, Fruit, Hotel & Restaurant China, Kermis, Labriego, Like China, Special Items, Town & Country, and Village Green.

4/29/01  Added links to the manufacturer's web sites for the products I use to make this site, just in case someone's interested in using them.  The links can be found at the bottom of this page.

4/25/01  After a few software purchaces and a ton o' work the brochures are in.  We're ready to get back to taking pictures.  Send me an email if you don't see your pattern listed out there.  I added a biography about us too.

2/13/01  Added the Anniversary line.  A few more items were added to the Fancy Free line.

1/25/01   Started adding in sales brochures.

1/14/01  Wreath pattern added.

1/13/01  Additions to the Reed, Plain, and Ivanhoe patterns.

1/12/01  Added a link to a Town & Country site on the References page.  Fixed a few links that weren't working properly.

1/9/01    Contemporary line was added last night.  Added Replacements to the Shopping & Resource pages.  Just uploaded the Kermis index too, even though it's not full.

12/27/00    Dropped in a script to put up a random graphic every time a visitor logs onto the site.  I uploaded the Master Index too.  It's only half full, but maybe it will help someone find the name of their pattern.  Oh, and the Village Green line was uploaded a few weeks ago.

12/2/00    Fixed the Ivanhoe link 'cause it was done busted.

11/26/00    Coupe soup bowl added to the Provincial line.

11/15/00    The Futura line is done.

10/1/00    Lute Song added.

9/30/00    Ivanhoe line added.

9/29/00   Ebb Tide, Hamms, and Clown lines added.  I was productive tonight.

9/27/00   Ceramastone line added.

9/23/00    We just got back from a trip to the west coast for a wedding.  On the way back we dropped by Seattle to visit Wally and snap a few pictures of his extensive collection  --214 to be exact.  We could have easily stayed another week to take hundreds of more pictures.  Wally and his wife Jessie have an absolutely amazing collection of Red Wing dinnerware, art pottery, and odds and ends they've picked up through the years.

9/23/00    Thumbnails added for patterns and pieces.

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