Stores and Auctions:

EBay:  even if you're not buying or selling items at the moment, this is a great place to go to keep track of prices.

Hill Street Antiques:  Jan and Al have a lovely store covering the first floor of their house.  They specialize in Red Wing dinnerware, art pottery, and stoneware.  And if you talk real nice to Jan she may show you her vase that's been converted to a lamp.

Country Side Antique Mall:  50 dealers and lots of dinnerware goodies!

Pottery Place Mall:  a lot of contemporary and antique stores in the building where they used to make Red Wing pottery.

Replacements:  Take your heart medication before you look over their price list.  They're expensive, but if you absolutely have to have a piece and can't find it anywhere, they just might have it.

Red Wing Trading Post:  Red Wing Trading Post buys, sells, trades and consigns stoneware, dinnerware and art pottery made by the pottery companies of Red Wing, Minnesota.

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