This (current) site is a rebirth of a website initially developed in 2000 and maintained by Mr. Todd Adler.   He recognized the urgent need to bring his antiquated Red Wing Dinnerware website up to current standards and has unselfishly allowed complete access to his entire digital library of text and images to the current website owner.  The following have made significant contributions of content to


Todd and Suzi Adler

Steve and Barb Brown

The (Jerry & Louise) Schleich Red Wing Pottery Museum

Gary Klun

Terry and Marilyn Moe

Larry and Kathy Roschen

Ivy Loughborough

Ray Reiss

Wally Armstrong

The Pottery Museum of Red Wing


The unrivaled generosity of so many Red Wing dinnerware collectors has allowed access to fantastic collections.  This willingness to share both information and expertise makes the Red Wing dinnerware collector one of the most educated buyer and seller in today’s marketplace.